Group shot of the three Mojaves and two Normals! After they shed I will sex them and they will be separated to begin feeding. Once they have a few meals in them, they will be available for $60 and $50, respectively, plus shipping. Please message me if you are interested or have any questions, thanks! :)

Potentially disturbing content.
My diamond pythons have one of the most intense feeding responses I’ve ever seen. This is my female after she had been striking at any and all movement outside the glass. In the background is the male working on his meal (they are in separate enclosures).

0.1 Spider BP
She has gorgeous colors and markings, has a great feeding response (except when she’s in the blue), and will be ready to breed this winter!

I am asking $325 plus shipping.

Shipping is FedEx Priority overnight to anywhere in the US, and I guarantee the health of my animals on arrival. If you have any questions, feel free to message me, as I’m more than happy to help :)

Do you only ship within the USA?


Hope all is well. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to export snakes and it involves a lot of paperwork. If I had a much larger number - and pricier - animals I had to export, it might pay for itself, however, being a small hobbyist, I simply can’t afford it.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I am still happy to help with any questions you might have.

Take care,


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Normal, Mojave, and Normal hatchlings! I love how they’re super chubby and wrinkly :3
They will be ready to ship after they get a few meals in them. Message me for inquiries :)

More little BP babies! The first one is completely out and so tiny! Normal BPs are so naturally beautiful - I think we forget that sometimes - and I can see some Mojaves making their way out too :)

Python? I live in Utah by the way...


Pythons are a long time love of mine, and I’m hoping to share my passion with others by providing healthy, beautiful animals, and being a resource for those who have an interest in these awesome reptiles.

I currently have two different species of python for sale. First are my pure Jungle Carpet Pythons hatchilngs, which I am asking $200 + shipping for. I also have Ball Python hatchlings. So far for the Ball Pythons, there are Normals and Mojaves hatching, and I’m expecting more Normals, Enchis, CInnamons, Spotnoses, and combinations of those last three morphs (two will be Het Albino). Prices for the BPs will range between $50-$400 + shipping depending on morph and sex.

I accept Paypal and personal check (all payments must be recieved and processed before animal is shipped).  These species can be shipped, I use FedEx overnight, and I gaurantee live arrival of my animals. If you would like a full copy of my shipping and purchasing policy, please provide me with your email address and I can send it to you.

Hope this was helpful, and please let me know if you have any questions - expecially concerning the animals themselves and their captive care - as I’m more than happy to help.

Take care,


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The first three hatchlings are emerging from my Mojave x Normal clutch! (Look at those faces!!! :3 ) If you would like an inexpensive, yet stunning Ball Python morph, Mojaves are very beautiful. Message me for pricing and inquiries, thanks! :)

Lady being pretty and basking and stuff :)

This is the newest addition to my collection! His name is Vortex, and he’s a Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli). These photos don’t do his colors any justice, and I love his pattern!